A Combination That Matters

Our Position

Reliable Energy is aligned with you, the consumer. We work exclusively on your behalf to make utility rate selection and price management a simple, secure and cost effective process. We leverage the combined needs of the group we represent and we pass the resulting benefits on to you. This means better prices, better service, more flexibility and ultimately, peace of mind in knowing that your needs are ALWAYS being put first.

Our Process

Example Report
Bill Assessment Report

We have a well-defined process that is quick, easy to understand, and requires zero commitment or expense on your part.

  1. Evaluate
    • Provided at no cost
    • We start with a thorough evaluation of the customer’s current utility service rates
    • Simple collection and review of recent invoices
  2. Educate
    • Provided at no cost
    • We prepare a one-page report to summarize and present findings
    • Reports are accessed by way of our secure, online platform
      • Distribution Rate Analysis
      • Taxes & Surcharges Analysis
      • Supply Rate Analysis
  3. Facilitate
    • We will assist in securing available refunds or facilitating utility rate changes
    • Simple, fast, convenient, and paperless using our online platform
    • Electronic verification and storage of all support materials
  4. Advocate
    • We will assist in resolution of any future utility billing errors
    • We will provide monthly verification of rates charged
    • We will provide regular updates regarding available rates and market conditions

Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art system provides online access to reports and tools designed to show you the best utility rate options and facilitates any desired rate changes.

  • Online tools designed for the consumer
  • Simple, fast, convenient, and paperless system
  • Transparent

Our Commitment

As your agent, Reliable Energy continuously monitors utility rate cases and filings. In addition, we are committed to providing you with:

  • Personalized service and representation in all utility related issues
  • Secure access 24/7 to all account information and support documents
  • Consistent, clear and unbiased representation