Associations and Groups

Program Value for You & Your Members

Utility Bill Assessment Program

Reliable Energy’s Utility Bill Assessment Program is an ideal way to enhance the value of membership in your Association or Group. At no cost and with no obligation, we will provide each of your members with a thorough review of their current utility service rates along with a comparison to other rates available through their utility. The fact is, when it comes to utility rate selection and price management, your members need an independent advocate like Reliable Energy and we are confident they will thank you for making this program available.

Program highlights - enhanced value for your members:

  • No cost/no obligation Utility Bill Assessment provided
  • 100% of savings realized passed through to your members
  • Leveraged buying power through Reliable Energy’s aggregate client base
  • Ongoing expert advice & support for your members
  • Program fully managed by Reliable Energy
  • Private, secure, and confidential using Reliable Energy’s proprietary on-line system

Reliable Energy can provide additional support to your Association or Group by:

  • Joining your Association or Group as a member or affiliate member
  • Providing original content and/or advertising in your publications
  • Sponsoring Association events
  • Participating in tradeshows or member gatherings

A Process That Matters

Reliable Energy will work with you to create a customized program designed to meet the needs of both you and your members. Program objectives, responsibilities and limitations will all be addressed up front and in writing so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Throughout the process, Reliable Energy will keep you informed regarding specific cost benefits identified and realized by your members. And, best of all, we’ll make sure your members know this valuable service is being made available through you.

Below are the basic steps we’ll take in partnership with you to ensure long-term program success:

  1. Define Program Parameters
  2. Create Co-branded Materials for Program Rollout
  3. Identify Members
  4. Schedule Rollout to Members
  5. Engage
  6. Support