Utility Bills – Are You Covered?

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We all carry insurance on our house, our cars, ourselves and some of us even on our pets. We buy insurance to protect ourselves against being faced with large bills if something bad happens. So why not think similarly when it comes to your utility bills?

Changing weather can bring fluctuating energy consumption resulting in energy bills that go up and down. Having the option…THRU YOUR UTILITY… to protect your budget and lock into an energy rate is just like having an insurance policy on your utility cost.

Similar to the many items you may have insurance for; the risk you run is the “what if” factor.  Energy prices fluctuate with the weather and we all know that predicting the weather is next to impossible. However, you can assume with fluctuations in temperatures, comes increased uncertainty about supply and demand. From there, you can proactively make the decision to lock into a fixed rate, and ensure your energy price will remain consistent. Doing so will protect you from weather related rate spikes.

Your utility offers you a rate option that allows you to avoid uncertainty now by locking into today’s low rates.   Let the weather do what it will without needing to worry about your energy bill.