How to Stop Telemarketing Calls on Energy.

Has your business been flooded with telemarketing calls about saving on your energy bill? Odds are you have, and you are not alone. This can be very very frustrating, especially when the calls continue to come in even after you ask them to stop. They do not stop because they are coming from all over. From time to time it will be from the actual energy company, but most of the time it is from one of the many different telemarketers they hire to generate leads. The most frustrating thing is that these calls consist of pushy and deceptive sales tactics promising savings (that most of the time are not true). It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that the utility will never call and ask for your account number or information. They have it on file. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when giving out your account information or sending bills. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND never giving this information to a telemarketer.


The Reliable team wants to stop these calls as much as you. We believe that they are diminishing the reputation of energy choice and blocking the true value it has to offer. So, let’s take a stand to stop these phony guarantees and never-ending calls. The next time your phone rings and it is one of these companies, simply tell them Reliable Energy handles all of your energy needs and they would be glad to listen.

To make the calls stop we tell our clients the following:

 Let the caller know you have an agent that represents your energy needs.

Refer them to our office @ 1-616-977-1705.