Expertise in managing multi-site energy portfolios

Reliable Energy recognizes that for multi-site businesses, managing their own energy portfolios can be costly, inefficient and a serious drain on business resources.

We have extensive experience in managing such portfolios, which enables us to enable efficiency from day one which we provide to many multi-site businesses who have some of the most complex energy accounts at no extra cost giving you a bottom line savings in resources right away.

Our customers not only want us to manage their meters but also to buy their energy at the right time to minimize cost, consolidate their suppliers and handle all paperwork relating to energy to alleviate their admin time.

Inputting and cleansing site data into our system and lining up all gas supply contracts with a common contract end date makes them easier to manage and avoids end-dates being missed – which can be very costly.

We set contracts up with one preferred supplier. This not only makes them easier to handle for you, but also gives better leverage in reducing your energy costs.

Our Multi-Site Business Services Include:

  • We organize contracts for any new supplies to be added to the Group contract, lining up the contract end date.
  • Contract confirmations are conducted to ensure that supplies have migrated to the new Group supply contract.
  • Bill Checks are carried to ensure that each individual supply is invoiced using the agreed contractual rates.
  • Our bill validation service is available to clients to ensure any billing errors are identified and resolved.
  • Resolution of all queries and supplier issues are managed through a dedicated Account Manager with one point of contact.

Reliable Energy has extensive experience in dealing with multi-site complex portfolios. From the initial supplier analysis, to researching the energy contracts available, to resolving supply, metering and billing queries; we manage the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible with our focus totally on our client’s interests.