Don’t fall for these tricks from energy marketers.

The majority of energy salespeople conduct themselves properly when contacting potential customers.  However, consumers have been intimidated or misled into signing bogus deals.  Below are some common practices to help protect yourself from being misled from signing an energy supply contract that you don’t want.

Rate Shopping – There are typically call center employees who are simply reading from a script to sell you a rate that usually is too good to be true.  If you should bite, you’ll soon find your low rate wiped out by additional fees, undefined variable rates, or other hidden charges on your energy bill.  When you call to sort this out, you now have to navigate an automated system to find a human.

Selling Energy Plans online or over the phone – Why would anyone want to work with one of these anonymous outfits for your energy rates? Partnering with an independent agent provides you with the peace of mind that someone is working for you and will be there if you have problems or questions.

Rebates & rewards programs – These are gimmicks to get you to sign up.  You will pay for these gimmicks many times over the life of your contracts.

Offer Sheet vs. Contract – Anything written in an offer sheet is not binding and simply there to get you interested.  Ask for a written contract to fully understand the offer. If it is not in the contract, it is not guaranteed.