Buyer Beware: Introductory Rates

Occasionally we receive a call or are sent a mailing for an offer that reflects a very low energy supply rate.  There are some things to consider in determining if these offers are long-term stable rates or if the offer is a teaser rate that will spike after the introductory period ends?

What is an Introductory Rate?

A rate that is lower than what the current market rates are posting and offered only for a limited time.  This rate is an incentive to generate new business.

What do I do if I think I am on an introductory rate or my introductory rate has increased?

You should immediately contact the supplier listed on your bill for your agreement information.  Knowing when the intro rate ends and what happens during the secondary term are important to understand.  We typically see customers getting “rolled” into much higher undefined rates with no price restrictions.

How do I avoid getting into an introductory rate that could soon increase?

Always request the person or company offering the rate to send the terms and conditions on the offer for review.

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