About Choice

About Choice

What is Energy Choice?

Energy Choice rates are offered by local utilities as an easy way to help consumers gain control and predictability of their utility bills. Taking service under an energy choice rate does NOT mean you are leaving the utility, it simply means you are opting to choose the rate that is best for you.

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No matter what rate you choose, your local utility will continue to:





Choosing the Best Price Plan

There are many price plans available through your local utility’s Energy Choice program.  First, and most importantly, you have the option of choosing between the security of a fixed price plan and the risk/potential return of a variable price plan.  You also have the option of choosing how long your price plan stays in place.  And, when it comes to making your decision, there really is no right or wrong answer.  It’s a simple matter of knowing what plans are available and choosing the one that’s best for you.

It’s also important to know that if you don’t choose a price plan, you’ll default to paying the monthly “pass-through” price charged by your local utility.  That price is subject to change every month and allows for recovery of all costs incurred which includes exposure to market price movement and also adjustments for previous over/under charges.

  • Fixed Pricing

    Price stays constant over a specified term. Offers predictability and eliminates exposure to market risk.

  • Variable Pricing

    Price is subject to change each month. It is CRITICAL that a variable price mechanism be clearly defined.

  • Default Pricing

    Price charged by your local utility in the event you don’t choose a plan. Subject to change each month and includes all costs incurred.

  • Rollover Pricing

    Price charged by a 3rd party vendor once your initial price expires. Subject to change monthly without regulatory oversight.

Energy Choice By State

  • Gas & Electric Choice Available
  • Gas Choice Available
  • Electric Choice Available
  • No Energy Choice

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Common Questions

Over 90% of the time we are successful in identifying and securing a better rate option available through the Customer’s local utility.  (If you’re already getting the best rate, we’ll show you that too!)

NO. This is in fact one of the most common misperceptions about energy choice. If an energy choice program is offered by your local utility, no matter what rate you choose they will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, send your bills and respond to service calls.

You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy it is.  With the support of Reliable Energy’s proprietary software you’ll know within minutes if there is a better rate option available to you.  You’ll select your new rate with the simple click of a button and we take care of the rest.

Unfortunately they can’t.  Local utilities are regulated and therefore must work with approved 3rd party energy companies in making a wider variety of price plans available to you.  So as to remain unbiased, regulations prevent them from recommending one price plan over another.

In the event you don’t choose a plan, you will pay the monthly default price charged by your local utility.  This price is often referred to as a “pass through” or “cost recovery” price and it is subject to change every month.  And while a utility default price might protect you from abuse, you are still exposed to market risk and added costs associated with past monthly under-collections. (i.e.  if they don’t charge enough one month they get it back the next)